Fresh Aire II is one of my all time favorite albums.

There… I said it.



The perfect meal to help you achieve that upside-down-muffin look


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Good Friday

Why does Jesus only eat peanut M&Ms?

Because the milk chocolate M&Ms keep falling through the holes in his hands.

"An appraisal firm is a firm that is engaged to perform appraisals."

— Federal Register/Volume 79, Number 68, Page 19525.


Me: Kids, we don’t own the house any more so we have to be neater, no fires, no holes in the walls, no bloodstains.
R: I guess I’ll have to cancel Monday’s Fight Club…


We are almost there…

The sale of this house was a stressful, shitty ordeal. Our buyers had a shitty lender. I’m a lender so I know what a shitty lender is. The house appraised at the contract price, but the appraisal was unacceptable. The loan approval deadline passed, but no loan approval. But when all was said and done the house closed, We don’t own a home for the first time in 18 years, we are renting this one till our new one closes end of month.

Packing ugh… We’ve been packing for weeks. Boxes and boxes and boxes. I am terrified that it wont all fit in the moving truck because I have to have something to obsess about.

13 boxes of books. 4 boxes of DVDs. 3 frickin boxes of hangers…HANGERS!

Ugh, just ugh…

18 years… FUCK, I’m old too.

"Did (our sister) get MARRIED?!?!"

— Phone call from my brother

April in Colorado.

April in Colorado.

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Hi Everybody!

(hi doctor nick)

On June 8 in Denver, Colorado I will be participating in the Autism Society’s Walk with Autism. Y’all have heard my stories and seen our ups and downs with autism. The link above is to my fundraising page, I would greatly appreciate support.